Beautiful details

Contrary to popular believe the gross anatomy of animals and humans is actually very beautiful and not at all gruesome. If done correctly, a dissection of a fresh cadaver isn’t bloody or otherwise obscured. Most organs are clean and easily recognizable. The gory stuff evolves due to the fact that most of the time a dissection isn’t over in an hour or can’t be performed the moment an animal dies.

So in my work I try to keep as close as possible to how an organ looks in life. Because of that the anatomy you see on this website will look a bit different than most of the anatomy visualizations out there.

I do make use of false colors but mostly for things like nerves, arteries and veins. And sometimes, as the background shows, just to make it look beautiful.


It’s all in the details

The real colors of muscles in most mammals and birds are a lot lighter than you will see in illustrations or on, to name a television show, Bones. The bowel is a light pink if the feces doesn’t show through the rather thin tissues. Cartilage is actually almost white and a little bit transparent.