Compound eye

Compound eye with 22 ommatidia and black pigment. Used for basic vision and orientation

Naupliar eye

Relatively simple, median eye, typically consisting of 3 photoreceptor units (up to 7 in taxa where it persists in the adult) and first appearing in the nauplius larval stage.


Not much more than cerebral ganglion

Maxillary glands

Organ found in Daphnia that may have a role in excretion and/or osmoregulation.

Reproductive organs

Paired ovaries.


Pump of an open blood system

Arm Mucsles

The "arms" are actually antennae used for swimming. These muscles give the major movement.

Thoracic appendices

The 5 thoracic appendices, otherwise known as phyllopods, with the filter sellae form the filter apparatus for filtration and gas exchange.

Abdominal claw

Or furca,is a paired claw for cleaning of the filter apparatus and probably defence.


Here poop comes out

Caudal appendices

These are used to close the brood chamber.

Brood chamber

Here eggs and embryos develop.

Hepatic cecae

Or diverticulum. These are paired appendices that produce digestive fluids.

Mid gut with food

The midgut is lined with an epithelium bearing microvilli.